Has your boss (or anyone else!) done you wrong?

In the course of my career, I have worked with or heard about many bosses. Sadly, most of these stories are negative. I have heard of mean bosses, bullying bosses, unfair bosses, unethical bosses, cheap bosses, inept bosses…the list goes on and on. If there is one theme that runs through almost all of my coaching conversations, it is about bosses who are making lives miserable. I relate to that conversation as I was someone who engaged in it for most of my twenties and thirties. Happily, that is not me anymore and hopefully that won’t be you anymore. There is a way to transform our negative experiences.

Why should you forgive someone?

The simple answer is to get your life back! Holding onto negative energy around our boss (or anyone who has done us wrong!) hurts us and keeps us from having a meaningful and positive career. Forgiveness doesn’t mean we condone the behavior of someone or that we even have to say “I forgive you.” What it means is that you transform those negative patterns into strategies that help you live the kind of work life you want to.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who has had a bad experience with a boss or co-worker and who wants to move forward but doesn’t know how, or who has tried but hasn’t been successful. It’s for people who really want to get on with their lives and are open to viewing the situation as a learning opportunity. It is not about finding a way to expose a bad boss or colleague, finding tricky ways to manipulate people, or coming up with a foolproof plan to get your boss or colleague fired. This book is not for you if you are intent on revenge and are looking for justification. If you are intent on vengeance, watching the entire five seasons of Breaking Bad in one marathon session might be a better fit!